Install sqlite3 on Ubuntu 14.04


This post is more than 5 years old. While math doesn't age, code and operating systems do. Please use the code/ideas with caution and expect some issues due to the age of the content. I am keeping these posts up for archival purposes because I still find them useful for reference, even when they are out of date!

The second assignment for Coursera's Introduction to Data Science focuses on databases and relational algebra. The programming assignments are done with sqlite3, so I need to install it on my Ubuntu 14.04 machine.

Following a nice sqlite tutorial at digitalocean , I'll install the version in the Ubuntu repository using the typical commands:

$ sudo apt-get install sqlite3 libsqlite3-dev

At this point, we're ready to go with the assignment. For those that are interested, the sqlite tutorial at digitalocean goes through simple examples including creating a database and doing simple queries.