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Jan 12, 2015

Installing Node.js and npm on Ubuntu 14.04

I've decided to start being systematic about learning javascript, with a focus on getting good with d3js. I'll be installing nodejs and npm (node package manager) as a way to get access to a javascript console and, for later, a powerful javascript environment.


Mar 15, 2016

A d3 experiment on my Tinkerer blog

This blog uses Tinkerer, which is based on the Sphinx documentation framework, to create static html pages from rest (rst) markup. If you are familiar with the Python world you've probably created documentation using Sphinx, or at the very least, you have read documenation created in Sphinx. Because the setup is Python-focused, it is not straightforward to write posts that employ javascript libraries like d3. This post describes my method for doing javascript examples in Tinkerer blog posts or Sphinx docs, as well as how to do some d3.