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Jun 2, 2014

Install vanilla LaTeX on Ubuntu 14.04

In this post I will go through a vanilla installation of Tex Live-- you may not want to do this. I'm choosing this installation method because of the ability to stay current with LaTeX updates and greater flexibility. However, for most people I would suggest installing the LaTeX setup in Ubuntu 14.04 repositories-- search for texlive-full.


Oct 31, 2016

Install Tex Live 2016 on Ubuntu 16.04

On Ubuntu 14.04 I went through a fairly involved procedure to get the current TeX Live (TeX Live 2013 at that time) installed because it was not in the standard repository. However, it seems that there is now a much easier way to get TeX Live 2016: J Fernyhough has put together a PPA-- kudos to him! (sorry, no longer exists)