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Feb 18, 2016

Installing MongoDB Community Edition on Ubuntu 14.04

In this post I'll cover installing the Community Edition of MongoDB on Ubuntu 14.04 in a way that lets me use more recent versions of MongoDB than are available using the standard sudo apt-get install. If that sounds interesting, follow along.


Mar 14, 2016

Install Meteor on Ubuntu 14.04

I've been spending a lot of time working with Meteor recently. This framework uses javascript and MongoDB to create a full stack solution that is pretty easy to use. The installation is simple and painless on Ubuntu 14.04, but I'll document my process here for reference and provide some links for learning more about Meteor.


Mar 30, 2016

Upgrading to Meteor 1.3 on Ubuntu 14.04

In a recent post I documented the install process for Meteor -- at that time the current version was 1.2.1. Well, the new version -- 1.3 -- is out and I will briefly document the upgrade process and provide some links to new guides and tutorials that the MDG (Meteor Development Group) has released.