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Jun 4, 2014

Install Python packages on Ubuntu 14.04

In this post I will document my setup of Python 2.7.6 in Ubuntu 14.04. Of course, the base Python is installed by default, but both Python 2.7.6 and Python 3.4 are available.


Jul 2, 2014

Install oauth2 Python package on Ubuntu 14.04

The first assignment for Coursera's Introduction to Data Science focuses on sentiment analysis of twitter data. To do this the oauth2_ package needs to be installed. Following the style outlined in a previous post, I will use pip to install the package as a user.


Jul 7, 2014

Install and use sphinx-bootstrap-theme on Ubuntu 14.04

In this post I will try out the sphinx-bootstrap-theme. As the name suggests, this project combines Sphinx, a Python documentation tool that generates html/pdf/etc from rst files, and bootstrap, a modern web framework from Twitter for generating responsive websites.


Jul 12, 2014

Python and YAML on Ubuntu 14.04

In this post I will cover installing PyYAML using Python 2.7. I've previously covered my approach to Python package installation using pip, so you can read more there to get a sense of my approach.


Jul 29, 2014

Install igraph for Python on Ubuntu 14.04

In this post I will describe installing python-igraph on Ubuntu 14.04, using the default Python 2.7. Previously I wrote a (long) post about how to create an initial python setup, which provides lots of detail about how I approach Python package installation. In particular, I use pip and install as a user. Of course, you can do otherwise.