A picture of me.

Hi, I'm Christopher Strelioff and you've found my home on the internet. All my friends call me Chris -- you should too. This page has links to some of my projects, ranging from visual and sound experiments using html/css/javascript to my publications on topics as varied as Bayesian inference, evolutionary biology, chaos theory and disease surveillance.

I am very interested in the use of science, mathematics, art and programming as tools to do creative things. I would love to help out on any project that promotes these ideas. If you are in the Bay Area (CA) -- especially the East Bay -- and are looking for help with an idea of this type please get in touch. I have a special place in my heart for activities that are inclusive, making a special effort to welcome all types of people -- varied age, race, gender, income-level, etc.

I also have a passion for the arts -- music, film and more. I use my lastfm account (link above) to keep track of my listening habits and find new music. I also like to make music/sound/noise -- using ableton live, cycling 74's max, moog's werkstatt as well as other tools. If you are interested in this type of thing -- web audio api maybe?? -- please get in touch!