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Jun 20, 2014

Installing Octave on Ubuntu 14.04

I'm taking Andrew Ng's machine learning class at Coursera that started June 17, 2014. In the Silicon Valley tech world, this seems to be the online course that many people recommend for machine learning. The course is taught using Octave or Matlab. I'll use Octave because I'm on Ubuntu and Octave is a Gnu project.


Jun 25, 2015

Decision trees in python again, cross-validation

This is my second post on decision trees using scikit-learn and Python. The first post focused on visualizing the resulting tree. This post will concentrate on using cross-validation methods to choose the parameters used to train the tree. In particular, I'll focus on grid and random search for decision tree parameter settings. If this sounds interesting to you, following along. As always, comments, questions and corrections are welcome below.